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Design for Change is a non-profit that strives to make learning a fun and engaging experience. Our mission is to inspire students in developing their talents and skills through art, music and science. This will encourage creativity in young minds and help them find lifelong careers that can help them create a better tomorrow.

Kids today are our future. Let them lead the way by teaching them well. As a non-profit organization, we believe that a great teacher is one who teaches kids how to take responsibility for themselves. In 2020, Design For Change, based in Bangalore, India, dedicated itself to creating learning environments that integrate character development with academic subjects.

Design for Change works with local organizations like the Bangalore Youth Congress to develop a curriculum that will foster healthy relationships between children and their teachers. We also work with other organizations such as the Bangalore Urban School Association, the Bangalore Boys and Girls Club and the Bangalore Public School Education Society to form programs that encourage creativity. The projects also aim to bring down the dropout rate in the city. These programs include music lessons, music appreciation programs, art classes, drama programs, science programs, drama programming and art programming. These activities make learning fun and interesting.

To encourage more students to get involved with Design for Change, we have developed a wide variety of programs. Students can learn how to paint and sculpt with our Artist Training Program. Students can participate in various art projects where they can paint portraits of parents or grandparents, create beautiful gardens and other outdoor art projects, create beautiful flower arrangements, and create wonderful sculptures and other artistic works of art.

Design for Change also offers a variety of leadership and development courses to empower young people. We offer Leadership in Sport and Physical Activity Program, and Developmental Leadership Program. Youth Leadership Development Program includes a range of sessions such as youth leadership seminars, workshops and educational seminars on business management, leadership and management, team development and more. The Youth Development Program is designed to empower youth from diverse backgrounds including art, science and technology who want to use their talents in areas where they are not adequately represented. in.

In order to reach more children, we are currently working on new ways to reach more kids. One of the goals of Design for Change is to bring more students into our youth group, which will increase their involvement and be able to speak and participate actively in the projects we are working on. in the field.

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September 2022
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