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Parents often find themselves wondering how much change they should allow in their homes and lives. Designing for change gives parents insight into the impact their choices will have on their children’s lives, as well as the impact their choices will have on them. Designing for change is also a great tool for parents to use with their children as a way of instilling values in them before they even enter the home.

Most children and adults learn best through the Challenge, a program created by the Department of Education. The challenge is designed to teach children how to be better citizens, by learning from the experience of others. Children who have learned to overcome their fears are actually transforming their lives. Children who can’t conquer their fears can learn what it takes to overcome them by participating in a challenge.

Participating in the challenge does not need to involve participation in a competition or a physical activity. Children can still participate in the challenge by developing their own strategies to overcome their fear of change. The design for change challenge is a learning game that requires children to draw a picture of a new situation in their lives that they would like to create. Once they’ve drawn a picture of the desired situation they are given three options. If they choose a specific option, they can make their plan, but if they choose the other two options, they have to choose between the two first and then choose between the two second.

Designing for change is just one part of the Challenge. Parents need to encourage their children to take an active role in the process of designing for change. They need to be involved in the design of the Challenge games and they need to help to plan and execute the strategy in helping their child’s plan to work out. This is not a difficult task. Children love to learn, so they are used to working together on a wide variety of different projects. They are also used to having their own personal space in which to do it. It’s important to take all the necessary steps to ensure that they have fun while making their plan.

To encourage children to participate, parents need to use positive reinforcement. They should make sure that their children understand that they are able to learn from the experience and are able to create something out of the experience. In fact, encouraging kids to share their experience is just as important as helping them make their plan come to fruition.

Children can benefit immensely from Designing For Change by participating in the challenge. They will learn valuable life skills and develop confidence in making changes in their lives. They will also develop skills such as problem solving and communication skills. They will develop their ability to think for themselves and be self-confident.

David Barnes

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September 2022
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