Most people consider the bathroom the most important part in the house. This is because they begin and end their daily activities in this place. But not all bathrooms are good and this is the reason why not everybody considers this part of the house as their favorite. So what makes a perfect bathroom?

Basins (sinks)

Sinks are normally the centerpieces of most bathrooms and the reason why someone will spend long hours in the bathroom. The most popular basins in most bathrooms are wide and shallow. This means that they can be set in a slab surface or mounted in a wall and give a simple ample storage below. Basins normally add an extra flair to a plain bathroom since they allow you the option of adding chrome taps and matching accessories.


Tiles in the bathroom also make this part of the house look clean and classy. They allow for unlimited options in design and color. In fact, tiles are far more durable than other fixtures in the house. This is the reason why a bathroom will still look great even when other parts of the house wear out. Playing around with different designs or colors of the tiles give the bathroom an elegant feel and this is why people prefer this part of the house.


This is the first thing you will notice when you walk into a bathroom. Most home owners glorify this part of the bathroom because it is where they get to relax after a long day at work. A modern roll-top bathtub makes a great choice. You will also find a good number of houses that have the baths mounted on blocks or in a cradle. When they sit in the middle of the room, they act as a centerpiece.

The Modern Bathroom Designs

With the advancement in technology and the brilliant minds in the construction industry, there is so much you can do to your bathroom to make it look modern. Here are some great designs to try out.

Modern country bathroom

This is a modern design that combines rustic with clean modern lines. Inside this type of a bathroom, you will find a custom vanity with fittings. There are also natural tones and drawings.

Light-filled bathroom

The light filled bathroom is another modern design most home owners love. It normally features custom-made vanity, mirror and a large window that allows in enough light. To add a more modern look, you can have a bathtub of volcanic limestone and resin. A ladder shelf is also an important fixture to keep the towels at a hand’s reach.

Gilled modern bathroom

This is a masculine bathroom that features a sink and other fittings that are dark in color with brass trim. The walls are clad in marble and the flooring is limestone.


Final Thoughts

With that said, you now understand why the bathroom is the most important place in the house. If yours still looks boring, you can remodel it and employ the modern bathroom ideas and surely, you will end up loving this part of the house.

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