Linear drains have long been used in industrial settings as they are functional as well as safe. Typical point drains which require complex pitching of the floor or ground surface tend to “puddle” water and create unsafe and unsightly conditions. Hydraulic designs utilizing linear drain systems now provide a range of solutions and applications.

Parking lots and large urban pedestrian areas utilizing standard point storm drains create an unsightly landscape consisting of depressions in the surface necessary to direct water to points. In contrast, a simple single pitch or slope to the floor or ground combined with a linear drain system provides an effective, safe and visually appealing surface for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Assisted living communities, hospitals, and community developments for 55+ are requiring zero thresholds not only for bathrooms but throughout the properties. Interior and exterior linear drains can be utilized providing safe transitions and functionality through sliding glass doors, lobby entries, shower access and virtually anywhere requiring water drainage.

Applications for linear drains are virtually endless: Swimming pools, landscape design, bath thresholds, ADA and handicap access, commercial spas, school locker rooms, office building lobbies, garages, driveways, balconies, rooftops and more….

Functional and pleasing aesthetics result from utilizing linear drains in many designs and applications.

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