I have been a fan of smaller spaces. I used to compress all my stuff, fully organized at a certain space of my bedroom. I actually was having a consistent thought that if I’d get the chance I’d certainly try to live in a container house. Because to me, that amount of bedroom space for a living is truly enough to enjoy life.

Then I found this compilation of small houses in youtube – it’s from faircompanies.com. I also fell in love with the videographer’s story before she found her company’s fame in the said social platform. Nowadays, she is doing her job with her family all along with her. That’s a rendition of a true happiness. You never have to leave your kids whenever you need to travel around the world for work!

This video is one of my favorites and it has gained almost 29M views to date:

In the same niche, as it has gained popularity among youtube viewers, a lot of vloggers have managed to get into the scene. I think I have been following 10 and each has something unique to offer to its viewers. From personal blog experiences (those who tried off-grid living) to small scale companies and even construction companies that design, manufacture, install and sell container houses.

These types of maximizing the space were actually being used for commercial purposes, such as in the restaurants, bars and etc.. I used to work for a construction company in Atlanta that specialize the same. In fact, numerous establishments in the city would prefer tiny-space-designs, depending on their concepts of course. But you will always be amazed with the results as tiny projects can really be functional like you can never imagine.

The off-grid type of living however has been inspired by those who live in boats, where spacing is normally maximized to provide almost the complete functionality of a normal-size house.

It’s still dependent on your preference for I know some people who are kind of claustrophobic when it comes to smaller spaces. But I know a lot, so far, who would prefer otherwise.

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