I am always fascinated by small and big structures around me. One of the reasons why I decided to study architecture, but unfortunately I started working early and that decision never took me back to college. I have no regrets, i just want to be clear. There are certain good replacements or reasons over not becoming an architecture, which also makes me really grateful at the moment.

It is true that your passion will always hunt you. Whether you like it or not, it will always create the hunger in you. A hunger that must be fed to its satisfaction so it won’t bother again. I know some of you can relate. Hence, the birth of this blog.

I thought of making this blog just to document, share and study some practical things about building and improving a home instead. All of the information you get here also comes from the knowledge I gain from the internet but most of which however was based from my personal experience, such as some home issues I need to resolve.

I hope I can be of any help, as this blog also helps me ‘partially’ reach my dream. I appreciate you dropping by. Cheers!

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