It is everyone’s dream to own a family house with a huge kitchen but what can you do if you can only afford a condo that has a small kitchen? On the other hand, we have seen countless times whereby people are opting to live in the tiny house due to conveniences that these houses have and they are unique too. Well, we don’t expect such homes to have a large kitchen and therefore, you will definitely be required to utilize the size of your kitchen and make it functional.

So, in what ways can you utilize your kitchen’s small space and still make it functional?

Practice minimization

With a large kitchen, it is possible to store anything you want since there is ample space but when it comes to a small spaced kitchen, you need to figure out how to store your goods. First off, our kitchens always have unused items, rarely used items, and the main used items. Hence to make sure that you have enough space to store more goods and easy movement in the kitchen, sort out these items and toss the unused ones or give them away.

For the rarely used items, find a place maybe in the outside area and keep them safe for later use. Since you will still continue to buy more items for your kitchen use, it is recommended that you sort out the items every time you are doing your kitchen general cleaning to create space for storing the new items that you will require in future.

Utilize the room

With a small space in the kitchen, you need to critically think about how you will be able to make use of every space available. This is mainly incorporated in your storage spaces. So, you need to think about the vertical and the horizontal spaces available in your kitchen area. Install hooks on the vertical spaces and use the hooks for placing your cooking cutleries and hanging pots as well. If space is large enough to fit a shelf, well, you can fix it and use for placing your cooking items like groceries and dishes. Just go through the entire space and list down the storage ideas that you feel would fit in the room. Then choose the most suitable method that will provide storage space without limiting your cooking areas as well.

Create multi-functional areas

Remember that your aim is to maximize the small space as much as possible and one way to achieve this is by installing kitchen utilities that can be used for more than one function. You can install a large table which you can use as a working table and as a dining area as well. Fix some drawers on the sides where you can store the eating cutlery and platters. This table will serve you as a working table and a dining table as well.


Small kitchens can still be functional and be comfortable to work from as long you have a good plan, and you know how to arrange it too. Use the above tips to help you utilize the space in the small kitchen for better functionality. Work with a good designer, and technician to help you install the perfect storage spaces that will not take up too much space.

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